Our Story

We as a CNICK Team have always been chasing creativity and always been focused on developing human centered technologies that serve to the mission of making life more comfortable and reliable.

We started CNICK in 2016 with the goal to unify all the cards and keys in one convenient and stylish ring, that lead us to becoming the first company who launched the Tesla Key Ring. Since that, we have become a very active part of the Tesla community and loved its spirit and the vision.

We wanted to create something unique for the community and the mission we admire, so we decided to tell EV story with the worlds first agar-art NFT collection and connect it to the CNICK Rings, therefore everyone who mints the EVolution NFTs receive a special edition smart ring that has Tesla Key and contactless payments function (read more) while it also stores the NFT artwork and enables NFC sharing with a single finger tap on the smartphone.

While most of the NFTs are digital artworks of different animals or avatars we wanted to create something new, to be pioneers of a new form of art in NFT ecosystem that is very beautiful and meaningful.

Nothing could tell our story better than a living microorganisms, Agar art is really unique, it’s hard to imagine how the invisible world of microbes can become so colorful by culturing microorganisms in certain patterns. It’s like living drawing that tell story, in our case the story is about Electric Vehicles that serve to save lives when the air pollution is such a huge threat to all of us.

The final result of each drawing is unpredictable, because there is an unexpected impact of the environment over the paintings that makes the NFT collection more unique.

Agar art deserves to have its place in the world of NFTs. We believe EVolution collection will become an inspiration for many agar artist worldwide to bring their art on blockchain. We will do our best to support this movement and increase the awareness.

Art has always been an important part of what we do, as every ring we produce is handmade by the artists using unique natural materials. CNICK rings are also fully customizable that enables our customers to bring their imagination to life. Indeed, we can say that every CNICK ring is a masterpiece itself.  

🏆 CNICK is a multi-award winning startup;

🌏 We serve customers worldwide;

Persistence is our Super Power, we never give up, no matter the difficulties we face, we always thrive.