About CNICK EVolution NFTs

CNICK Ring mimics your payment card, if the public transport system in your city accepts Mastercard payments and you are able to pay using your bank card then your ring will work as well.

The limit of the total supply is 500 NFTs. It is encoded in our smart contract on Ethereum blockchain, that makes EVoluton collection very limited and guarantees that there will be no additional emission after the hard cap is reached.


The cost of minting is 0.2 ETH

Minting of the first 50 NFTs will start on April 12th and will last until all the 50 artworks will be minted. Taking into consideration that our allowlist is growing fast it will not take long. After the first drop will be minted we will announce the date of the next drop.

No, we use smart contract so the distribution of each EVolution artwork will be completely random. We believe it makes it more interesting and also protects the collection from the sniper bots who can detect the unique traits.  

While we can't disclose the details before the minting will be live, we can say that this collection will make a history.
We will introduce a new form of art to the blockchain and EV world, something never seen before.


    While we are aware of a lot of dishonest participants in the NFT ecosystem, we believe this is a great new technology creating amazing opportunities for lots of honest artists and the brands who are working day and night to innovate and bring new arts to life. 
    Every new technology brings new vulnerabilities but the benefit it delivers is much greater for society. 
    Some new opportunities NFTs can create for us and our customers include: 
    • Developing a community that is always focused on innovation and bringing human centered technologies to life. Together We are Stronger.
    • Creating new forms of art that can inspire lots of people worldwide and giving our community an opportunity to own it.
    • Rewarding people who trusted CNICK and joined our journey. 
    • Receiving financial support that can allow us to innovate faster and wider, without being bounded by the corporate investors.


    We take 5% Royalty from reselling NFTs on OpenSea.

    About CNICK RING


    In order to receive EVolution Smart Ring you need to own the EVolution NFT. Everyone who mints the NFTs will be allowed to request the ring without additional charges, even the shipping will be free worldwide. While you can request the ring after the minting, you have an option not to use the 'free request' and if you plan to sell your NFT you can allow the buyer to use it. So it can make the price of your NFT higher.  

    EVolution Rings will have NFC security controller embedded that empowers it with Tesla key functionality and also it will have your artwork URL encoded which can be accessed using your mobile phone. You can change the URL and program it as you would like. If you have one of our partner banks' card you can also make contactless payments using your ring (read more: https://cnick.io/pages/how-it-works).

    Beside the technical abilities, it is distinguished with the design as well: Every ring will be handmade and can be customized, we will try to meet our customers' imagination as much as possible. Also we will have a new shape of the ring which we have not sold before and is created only for the EVolution community.