Unique Collection

CNICK Evolution is the world’s first agar art NFT collection, every artwork is hand drawn using living microbes such as: R.mucilaginosa, Rhodococcus sp., S.epidermidis, K.pneumoniae, M.luteus and E.coli. While the microbial art has a very short life span, which is usually up to one month, we are digitalizing it first and then immortalizing it on the blockchain. The total supply of the collection is 500, this limit is encoded in our Ethereum smart contract, making it a very limited NFT collection.


Limited Edition Smart Ring

Everyone who mints EVolution NFT will receive a special edition CNICK Smart Ring, that works as a Tesla key and stores the NFT artwork in the memory, which can be accessed using NFC of the smartphone. Many additional services will be added over time, in Europe payment function is already enabled and we are working to expand the network of the supported banks (learn more).


NFT owner will receive royalty from the merchandising. Once all the 500 artworks in the CNICK EVolution collection will be minted, we will launch a store where the merchandising of the artworks will be sold. Merch will include CNICK Smart rings and bracelets.

CNICK EVolution Club

NFT owners will become a member of the CNICK EVolution club. We will organize activities worldwide that will support a healthy lifestyle. Also the members will have special discounts on our products and will be able to test our newest inventions first.